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The communication and audiovisual production industry has had one of its historical fiefs in Barcelona. Since the invention of the cinematograph to the creation of Netflix or one of the most successful advertising campaigns, the city has been a pioneer and has been involved in the development of the sector. This is the reason why the inhabitants of Barcelona are often familiar with those 20 seconds of fleeting images that occur in a spot.

In recent years, the rise of new visually-oriented formats have turned the Catalan capital into an immense set where advertising agencies and photo shoots proliferate: spots, video clips, press and documentary reports… But where is this huge audiovisual production recorded? Are there enough studios and sets to make these “fantasy worlds” come true? Who provides the scenarios adapted to the needs of the campaigns?

The Forum has an infrastructure with large versatile and unique spaces. Without having been specifically designed for it, the CCIB is usually an scenario for advertising shootings and filmings. Also for the exclusive presentation of new car models, and its subsequent photo shoot. In fact, its attributes of functionality, combined with a modern and warm aesthetic, have granted it as an ideal environment to convey the image and the look & feel associated with the most innovative brands.

3.127 filmings in 2016

The number of filmings in Barcelona has practically doubled since 2010, from 1,682 that year to 3,127 in 2015. In the absence of closing the data for 2017, everything points to a new record. The most numerous shootings in 2016 were: advertising (990), short films (493), drama and TV entertainment (453) and motion pictures (66). Considering these data, it seems that the city is specializing in advertising more than in cinema. And especially in this field, the CCIB works as a singular “set”. For example, Cadbury used its spaces to make a particular tribute to the famous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


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