Volunteers to clean the beach of La Mar Bella

We agree, the beaches of Barcelona are perhaps not the most enviable, as far as cleaning is concerned. Even so, they are our piece of the Mediterranean, the blue horizon to which we all go to escape the bustle of the city. We have the sea next to us, and we must take care of it and protect it. However, either between the rocks of the breakwaters, floating or on the canvas of sand at the bottom of the sea, are still accumulating remains of… (better watch the video at the end).

To do our bit and help raise awareness and protect the environment, a CCIB team joined on October 4 in the third edition of cleaning the seabed at the Playa de la Mar Bella, in Barcelona. We have been in all three editions. This year, in addition, a record number of participants has been broken: 200 worker volunteers from different companies linked to the Barcelona Forum District (BFD) and committed to social and environmental causes.

BFD (entity of which we are co-founders) and the Yotuba association, organized the day. Among the 20 teams we were able to remove 565 kilos of waste in just over an hour. And what do we find? Many wipes (yes, those of the WC, and used), bottles, plastics … we even took out a mattress, a wheel and a new iPhone!

Our team collected almost 50 kilos (9% of the total). Each group, made up of 10 volunteers, divided the functions. And the thing went like this: the divers collected the waste from the bottom of the sea and tied it in a bag. On the surface, volunteers with kayaks and paddle surfs (the most expert followed the divers bubbles) stretched the ropes, loaded the remains and transported them to the sand. Also, the free divers, holding their breath, swept the bottom while the swimmers also carried the remains. On land, the team carefully examined the rocks of the breakwater and others, on the coast, received the waste to place it in large bags.

With the material, the organizers have prepared an exhibition by the artist Álvaro Soler-Arpa with a work made from the collected plastic waste. The main objective was to collect the largest number of waste, but, above all, to raise awareness of the importance of recycling so that they do not end up in the water. We did not win the “competition” although, in fact, we all won.

And here is the video, the images of the divers at the bottom of the sea with the main residue that were found: the wet wipes that never have to be thrown by the toilet.


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