An experience like Gleaners

Last June 5 was the World Day of the Environment, the day in which people should do something for the planet Earth. For this reason, our colleagues of the CCIB, they made his first action with “Espigoladors”, a non-profit-making organization that fights against the food squandering. Simultaneously, that takes part with people in risk of social exclusion in a participate, inclusive and sustainable way.

In addition, they help to reduce the food squandering applying a coherent solution with the environment and the social environment. As a result, they created a project called Im-perfect, the first brand in Spain that elaborates and commercializes food products from surpluses, fruit or imperfect vegetable. With this action, we take part in the gleaner of potatoes in a field placed in Mataro area.

The day was organized by VistaPrint and 22@, two companies who are very compromised with social and environmental actions. An experience to meet up earth again and the food that it offers us. When we arrived at the potatoes field, the organizers did a small introduction to us of how would work the activity there.

A bib, few gloves, the hoe and good attitude! These were the necessary and indispensable tools to conduct the potato gleaner day. The activity was developed during the whole morning and we all gathered more than 2 tons of potatoes of which 1 ton was delivered to Caritas and the rest was donated to food banks to help people in need. A new action of the CCIB in contribution with the Environment. We can all bring something to the cause!





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