The virtuous Ara Malikian chooses the Forum Auditorium

The 26 and 27 of December 2017 were two nights that will leave their trace to the lucky ones who attended Ara Malikian’s shows, a violin prodigy that has managed to renew interest in classical music, even among the young ones. In total, more than 4,000 people filled up the venue for two consecutive nights.

The musician began to develop his carreer at a young age influenced by his father and his talent was recognized during the Lebanese civil war. After an itinerant life, nowadays he is one of the most prestigious violinists of the world, partly because he has manage to create his own innovative and original style. Hyperactive and re-energized, Ara Malikian lives immersed in a permanent adventure, a fact that is reflected in his performances.

A show based in the story of a violin

Emotion, lights, music in its purest state and even humor are present during the more than two and a half hours of Malikian’s show. The main thread is the life of his violin, a legagy of his grandfather that travelled with him to Germany to seek a better future. The instrument also witnessed the passage through cabarets and the admission to a prestigious music school where it was baptized with the name of his supposed luthier: Alffredo Ravioli.

The passion that Ara Malikian demonstrates on stage, supported by a group of exceptional musicians, is the spirit of his concerts. The melody sounds, the audience holds their breath with the first notes and the silence breaks to give way to a Mozart Requiem that evolves to end in a Jimmy Hendrix version. This is how it will be throughout the night: the seal of this Lebanese genius leaves his imprint on classical pieces such as Bach or Vivaldi, but also on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack or the hits of Led Zeppelin. In addition, obviously, of his own compositions.

The applause of an standing public leaves no space to doubt: it will be difficult to forget those two evenings with Ara Malikian at the Forum Auditorium.


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