The secret of the CCIB to keep healthy within the MICE industry

The responsibility to provide the best service in key and unique moments (here and now) and the stress of knowing that everything should be ready “for the D-Day” compels the MICE professionals to keep their minds clear at all times. They even have to be able to run 100 meters sprint in record time. In the CCIB we have come up with a foolproof method: to combine healthy habits with sport.

ccib_runningThe CCIB sports committee was created in 2015 by taking advantage of the enthusiasm of some of its employees. Its initial goal was to contribute to health care during long working days, but it quickly disclosed to be an ideal time to strengthen the team relationships. The first scheduled activity was weekly running sessions and soon the offer was expanded with yoga. In this way, the space that the previous day was dedicated to a convention could become an improvised meditation area the next day.

Taking advantage of the good weather in Barcelona, in spring some yoga sessions were carried out at the outside gardens of the CCIB. Its location, facing the sea, conditioned the evolution of the sports committee: training sessions and a beach volleyball competition that was the envy of other companies in the industry and the area. Also outdoors, last year it was created the self-proclaimed modality “walking deprissing“, which combines race walking with steps and other obstacles that help to tone the muscles.

Benefits of sport

In these almost two years, the CCIB employees who have joined the sports committee have increased as they are aware of the countless benefits that their practice brings to health and well-being. Delaying aging, improving the overall body tone (musculature, circulation, flexibility, coordination…), self-confidence and eliminating stress are some of their benefits. In short, the first step to organize the most incredible events!



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