The frontrunner of MICE travels without a passport

We live in a globalized world, you only have to look around: the same sport shoes are fashionable both in Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur, we all eat hamburgers produced with the same meat, the same TV series are successful everywhere and people choose the same investment funds. It is an easily visible fact and, to a large extent, makes life easier for us. In MICE, a “traveler” sector by definition, market players tend to have international reach and, as in the movies, the main actors are great stars of cosmic dimension.

A European leader in management of spaces and logistics of major events, GL Events is one of the main exponents of how the expansion to different strategic countries (20 in particular) has created a powerful integrated network that reinforces the projection of business tourism and its consolidation as the engine of the economy. The figures speak for themselves: it has 4,000 employees, receives 12 million visitors and exhibitors, attained a turnover of € 953.8 million in 2017 and operates 40 venues (the CCIB among them).

Headquartered in Lyon, GL events is listed on the Paris stock exchange and has three business lines. Live has extensive experience in logistics services and temporary structures for prestigious sports events and other areas at the international level. Exhibitions manages more than 250 professional spaces in property. And Venues has conference and exhibition centers and multifunctional spaces that add up to 1,200,000 m2 of surface!

A winning combination

Beyond the big figures, what does a global partner like GL events provide? To start with, presence in 25 top business tourism destinations (such as Paris, Brussels, The Hague, London, Istanbul, Ankara, Shanghai, Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro) with different spaces, adaptable to all kinds of events or needs (from 10 to 10,000 people, for example). In addition, the group has an endless range of additional services for each project and years of experience. But, perhaps, a great advantage is to have a unique contact point that can manage the relationship in all aspects and around the world. Never before was so easy to organize an event… here or in any other corner of the world!


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