The CCIB, logistics center to distribute protective material to the nursing homes

From the first day we offered our venue to the city to help in everything necessary in the current health emergency situation. Since March 28, we have been collaborating with the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Catalan Government to ensure the reception and dispatch of thousands of protective equipment to nursing homes and other centers in Catalonia.

The Department of Social Affairs, located a few meters from the CCIB, uses 2,000 sqm of the Convention Center as a logistics platform to distribute purchases of prevention materials to fight the spread of COVID-19. Orders are transported by truck to the CCIB loading dock, where there is a Social Affairs Department operative to manage the reception and shipment of material (masks, gloves, gowns and protective glasses). Here, volunteers prepare the protection kits and distribute them to the nursing homes of Catalonia. In addition, the CCIB offered volunteer workers who joined those from the Social Affairs Department.

We’ve put the facilities at the service of the authorities, and we’ll continue to contribute in everything necessary. “From the beginning we have put the facilities and our teams at the disposal of the City Council, the Generalitat of Catalonia and all the institutions that are fighting the pandemic,” said the general manager of the CCIB, Marc Rodríguez. “We want to be useful and we will continue helping in everything necessary.” Thus, it has reiterated the CCIB’s commitment to the city. “Count on us: GL events facilities and teams are at their disposal,” he assured. Rodríguez has once again given the support and recognition of the CCIB to the enormous effort and work of the health personnel, public professionals and essential services that these days are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic.

350 kg donation of food to social entities.
The CCIB has also delivered 350 kg of food to different social entities in the city with which it regularly collaborates. This is material that the internal F&B department had in the warehouse with foods such as fruits, vegetables, snacks or milk.


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