The CCIB, an economic engine and cohesive element in the city of Barcelona

We would like to launch this blog as a tribute to the city that we call home and whom we try to repay its generosity with benefits and welfare for all its citizens and our neighbors every day.

Barcelona is a city of success that many other cities have used as an example, due to the quality of life that the people living in it enjoy, as well as for the wide range of available choices for those who visit the city: entertainment, creativity, knowledge, health, sustainability, technology… Around these aspects and, in collaboration with the citizens, there is a continuous development, which reverts into general wealth.

In the business tourism industry, the CCIB contributes to this model as a key player since it opened in November 2004. During these years, the Centre has hosted more than 1.030 events of all kinds and a total of 4.700.000 delegates and visitors. If we translate this into figures, using the official parameter of the Barcelona Convention Bureau, the cumulative economic impact comes up to more than 2.500 million Euros (official parameters of the Barcelona Convention Bureau).

How the CCIB contributes with the city?

organizavion-eventos-barcelona-ccib-In addition to the direct jobs and the economic movements generated by the CCIB and its partner companies, the center activity generates hotel occupancy, advertising investment, international impact in terms of tourism image and an increase in consumption resulting from its activity. It is also important to consider the benefits to the city related to a geographical point of view, as the CCIB is located in an urban area that has been regenerated significantly, gaining new citizens with its new acquired dynamism: The Forum Area is now the best place in Barcelona for holding massive events. The balance is certainly favorable.

Among the 16 most important events for the MICE industry (meetings, incentives, conferences and events) in Barcelona during 2016, 11 have chosen the CCIB as the hosting venue, which will record an increase in turnover of 4% compared to 2015. This is the most obvious proof of the success in this win-win partnership between the convention center and the city.


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