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Spring will bring 74.000 delegates and visitors at the CCIB

Spring in Barcelona is synonymous of colour, flowers and the blue of the sea, bluer after the time change from winter to spring. With more hours of light, there are also the first temptations to take the first dip, and delegates and visitors know it. Therefore, spring (like autumn) is a time with great activity in our centre and, at the same time, contributes to deseasonalize tourism in the city. Did you know that 30% of the events that we host at the CCIB take place during the spring?

The agenda is tightened -Easter break in between- with intense activity. Until June 21 (when we will welcome the summer) 29 events await us and will bring 75,000 delegates and visitors, generating more than 185,000 overnight stays in hotels in Barcelona.

Among the 29 spring events, distributed almost equally between national (54%) and international (46%), stand out those of the IT sector, such as the “One Team Extension” meeting of Autodesk or the great conference on Java (JBCNConf) that will gather more than 700 programmers from all over the world.

Medical, pharmaceutical and scientific events also have a great weight in the agenda, with large meetings such as the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) congress with 3,700 professionals; the World Live Neurovascular Conference 2019 with the best medical specialists to learn about new techniques and advances in this specialty; the Osteology Symposium with 3,000 professionals in osteology; as well as the Global Congress on Hysteroscopy with a thousand gynaecologists to treat the latest hysteroscopy advances. In the scientific sector, highlights the Euromedlab Barcelona 2019 that will gather the scientific and technological aspects of laboratory medicine with an expected attendance of 4,000 people per day.

Fairs and exhibitions will also live a great spring, with the third edition of the Advanced Factories on industrial intelligence attracting more than 16,000 attendees or the great meeting of three events in the same space (Security Forum, Tecnohotel Forum and Contact Forum) with 8,000 visitors.

Also, the spectacular Auditori Fòrum of the CCIB, with capacity for more than 3,000 spectators, will host seven spring shows, such as the Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure (the original Japanese singer of the series, Hiroki Takahashi, will perform some of the most mythical themes) or the concert of Sílvio Rodríguez and the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba. The show of La Vida Moderna and the school choirs of the Sant Martí district in Barcelona will also be protagonists. All this, with the Primavera Sound approaching in a final spring that will close CineEurope 2019, the eighth edition at the CCIB (!) of this successful and spectacular convention and commercial fair with the main European cinema exhibitors.

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