Sant Joan de Déu raises 76.950€ at the CCIB against childhood cancer

Thursday 7th of March. Darkens behind the long windows of the Banquet Hall of the CCIB with its spectacular sea views. Inside, the dressing room gala, ready to welcome more than 300 diners from 50 companies. We are joined by a very special dinner, the second edition of “Companies with value for children” organized by the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in support of the project of the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona, with a theme that will reflect on the health of children as a universal right. The money will be used to treat children with cancer, without financial resources, from countries where it is impossible for them to find a cure.

The solidarity dinner, offered in its entirety by the CCIB (spaces, staff and dinner of our F&B team), managed to raise 76.950 euros that will go entirely to help children from all over the world. The immense work of the Hospital was evidenced by the presentation of Douglas, the first child treated with retinoblastoma thanks to the donations received in the campaign #paralosvalientes. As brave as we saw and met Candela, the young woman who left the room excited and standing with her shocking story. In special, it’s worth knowing more about your project of the already known “Pulseras Candela” through this link.

Before, our general manager, Marc Rodriguez, dedicated a word of welcome to those present remembering that, since 2004, we have hosted 32 cancer related events with more than 85.000 professionals. He also noted that we have submitted a candidacy together with the Barcelona Convention Bureau (BCB) to host in 2022 the pediatric cancer congress, which this year will be held at our GL Events centre in Lyon.

However, “what we do isn’t enough for congresses to come here,” Rodriguez said to the audience. They come “especially for you,” those who are related to our health system, “one of the best in the world.” “The acclaim goes to the people who dedicate themselves every day in the hospitals, in the university, in the day centres to care for the people who have this disease.” So, “comparing what we do to what these children do, who deserve everything, is very little.” For that reason, the general director of the CCIB announced the will that the dinner “Companies with value for children” becomes a tradition and is celebrated again in our centre: “For us there will be nothing left, everything we can do, we will continue to do, and everything we can do in a good way to make others do, we will continue to do.



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