Imatge Projecte Burgos

Reforestation, this way we compensate our CO₂ emissions

A cleaner world is possible and in the CCIB we have it clear. Our integral strategy of social responsibility seeks to improve our environment promoting the sustainable use of the resources and minimizing the residues and the CO₂ emissions to fight against the climate change. In addition, we compensate the emission that we generate with sustainable projects and encourage all the events and his delegates to adding to our commitment.

We begin for us. From 2009 we calculate our fingerprint of CO₂. The emissions generated in the offices and professional trips are compensated by us with the purchase of coal credits in sustainable projects. Now we have just received the certificate of 2017 of the Department for the Ecological Transition (MITECO) which attests that we have offset part of our CO emissions with a reforestation project. In 2017 we have compensated 30 tons of CO participating in a project inscribed in the “Footprint Record” of MITECO. The project, in the fifth phase, consists of reforesting a land of 12,77 hectares of the municipality of Santa María del Campo (Burgos) with specimens of pines, oaks or almonds (Pinus pinea, Pinus nigra, Quercus faginea, Prunus Amygdalus and Crataegus monogyna). The project will contribute to mitigate desertification and increase biodiversity. It plans to absorb 4,388 tons of CO₂.

In 2018 and 2019, we will again offset all our emissions in new projects.

In addition, we make available to all customers a voluntary CO₂ emission compensation system for each event: emissions are calculated and offset in projects located in developing countries and certified with international standards. We also encourage delegates and visitors to join the CCIB commitment to climate change and, with a link through our website, can offset the emissions generated during your trip and allocate the modest amount to projects around the world. But it does not end here, in 2018 we have implemented the ISO 20121 regulation of Sustainable Events Management, another example of our responsibility for the common good.


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