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In the coming months, fasten your seat belts

It is official: business and incentives tourism is no longer the “younger brother” but one of the greatest opportunities in the services sector. In 2016, Spain achieved a new record of 75.6 million of foreign visitors, confirming tourism as the main driver of economic growth and employment creation. For this reason, the generated revenue increased by 12%. Nevertheless, the provisional data for 2017 suggest an upward trend. After closing some positive months, this last weeks of the year start with the best prospects. The MICE industry is ready for a new and intense season.

Here are some statistics and data. Those attending the events organized in Barcelona come in 77% from abroad. As stated by the representative of the Barcelona Convention Bureau at the inaugural conference of Hospitality Leaders Week 2017, “Barcelona is open to the world”. The conference participants arriving from outside Europe represent 30.5%. This means that choosing the city as the destination for the event favors the increase of participation. At the same time, the reservations for the 2017-18 season continue to grow.

Memorable experience, the key in the future

How will all these medium-long term meetings be? According to a report by ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), association of which the CCIB is a member, the trend is to place more emphasis on interactive presentations, memorable experiences and personal development of the participants. That is, the preferences of the new generations, 100% native digital, have driven a change that adapts the format and content of the meetings. Flexibility, networking, technology, creativity, collaboration… These are the concepts that reign among the new trends.

To sum up, the future in the organization of events is assured in the immediate future and is unbeatable. We have the tools and studies to know which the client needs are. Moreover, from the MICE and business tourism sector we will certainly know how to respond and offer solutions, providing a quality experience to the organizers and participants.


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