New materials come together at the CCIB

Air, water, earth and fire were the four elements of antiquity, but the progresses and discoveries of science have allowed us to know many other materials and even develop new ones, some very common in our daily life. For example, the first plastic was created in 1860 thanks to the ingenuity of John Wesley Hyatt and became essential in our lives since then. Even though we are not aware of it, day after day the spectrum continues to be renewed.

Medicine, new technologies, construction, engineering… these are the areas that concentrate research and development on new materials. Precisely, they are powerful fields that start to look towards the knowledge hub of the Forum area in Barcelona, the same where the CCIB hosts their congresses and meetings.

The architect vision

Architects, interior designers and construction professionals know well that materials are constantly evolving, so they are in constant search for the latest in order to improve the comfort and efficiency of the spaces that they design. More than 2,300 participants attended the first edition of Architect@Work in Spain, which took place the 29th – 30th March and they all coincide with the overall evaluation: a success. Unlike other appointments in this industry, this one had only the most outstanding new products and materials (300 in total). The distinctive format of the show, with small stands and a creative and aesthetic presentation, along with dim light, chill out music and black as the predominant color, helped to encourage networking in an original and relaxed atmosphere.

A jury of architects and interior designers had previously evaluated each exposed product in order to guarantee its high quality. The offer of the show was complemented by a series of parallel activities, such as seminars, conferences and the exhibitions Matière Grise and Wonders of Water.

The scientist vision

Beyond specific products, the great protagonist in all forums and even proclaimed “the material of the future” by experts is graphene. It is a substance composed of pure carbon, with atoms arranged in a regular hexagonal pattern, similar to graphite. Its properties are numerous, but it stands out for its high resistance, low density and great lightness. The truth is that it is already used in the present in various applications, which will be extended in the future.

Graphene 2017, the world conference for specialists in this material, was held at the CCIB from 28th to 31st March. More than 100 sessions and guest speakers (including Nobel Prize-winning professors André Geim and Albert Fert), 400 posters, 150 oral presentations, 55 exhibitors and a forum for the industry. A sold out confirmed the interest of the “miraculous” material of the future, that surely will continue surprising us.


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