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More projects, more social

We left 2018 behind (happy 2019!) and we start to take stock of an extraordinary last year. Corporate Social Responsibility has continued to be one of the pillars of the CCIB’s activity during 2018 with a solidarity action that has grown and seeks to favor our immediate environment.

We allocate 0.7% of the annual turnover in solidarity actions. This 2018 we have been able to participate and collaborate in more projects (from 31 in 2017 to 40 in 2018) mainly from foundations and entities linked to the Besós district and the Sant Martí district (where we are located) and we have increased our financial contribution by 56%: from 154,000 euros in 2017 to 240,000 euros in 2018. In total, in the last two years we have supported 71 solidarity projects with a contribution of 394,000 euros through the free rental of spaces and services, financial contributions or donations of food and materials.

Solidarity collaborations, explains the general manager of the CCIB, Marc Rodríguez, “are the reflection of the soul of our center” to “help as much as possible so that the entities can consider the CCIB as their own and find a space where they can develop activities in please the community. Especially those that help improve Besós area, which is also Barcelona and that welcomes us”. All these actions are made public and are published in the annual report of Corporate Social Responsibility which, in addition to the social aspects, includes the CCIB’s efforts in environmental and economic policy “with the same commitment to create employment and generate wealth in our immediate environment”, adds Rodriguez.

The 240,000 euros allocated in 2018 to 40 social actions were made with free rental of spaces (77,000 euros) and service concessions (134,000 euros) to make possible charity concerts in the Auditorium or solidarity dinners.  The Besós Choir and secondary choir of the Besós district have used the Auditorium, the 10th Anniversary of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, the charity concert of Gospelfest in favor of Cáritas Barcelona, ​​the Vozes Concert of the association of musicians for Peace and Integration or a charity representation of Peter Pan. We have also given spaces and services to deliver scholarships, to host the Christmas dinner of the Pere Tarrés Foundation and to hold a debate on food and cancer to raise funds in favor of “La Marató” from TV3 channel.

Other 4,000 euros have been allocated with the donation of material and food and 23,000 with external financial contributions. We have participated in solidarity dinners with the Fight AIDS Foundation, the Pere Tarrés Foundation, the Formació i Treball Foundation and the Pasqual Maragall Foundation. Likewise, and for the third year in a row, we have sponsored the integration project through the sport of the Trinijove Foundation, providing all the material equipment for the indoor football teams, project that currently has more than a hundred children and young people that are at risk of social exclusion.


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