A legend turned into an emblem of a country’s culture

Although no one has actually seen one, from East to West the dragon is a common animal to almost all civilizations, no matter how different they may be. Some believe that it is a good creature and others that it is not, but its appearance never leaves nobody indifferent and recent cinema fictions certify its validity as an astonishing being.

The European tradition says that Saint George was a Roman soldier of Greek origin converted to Christianity who died for not wanting to abjure his faith. He is venerated in Christian and Islam confessions. As a historical and legendary character, he is admired in many cultures and his deeds are present in countless stories. Among his greatest feats, the most popular is the one in which he prevented the sacrifice of a princess by facing a dragon from which blood rose a bush plenty of roses of an intense red color.

In Barcelona, all know the legend of the knight Saint George as he is the patron saint of Catalonia. In fact, since the XV century, April 23 is not only the Book and the Rose Day but a patriotic, civic and cultural day celebrated by mostly all the Catalans. With no exceptions, to honor the tradition of giving books and roses, people take the streets to discover the latest literary news and celebrate the Lovers’ Day. Enjoying a Saint George festivity in Barcelona is an unforgettable experience.

Barcelona, cultural capital

Decorated balconies, the Ramblas plenty of books, couples walking holding hands, buildings and monuments open to the public, meetings between best sellers and their faithful readers, bread and special cakes recipes… Next Sunday, Barcelona will be dressed again for the occasion.


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