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FOOD SHOW, We released a new gastronomic catalogue!

Our gastronomic catalogue lives in constant evolution. It adapts to new trends, products and customer tastes. This year we have carried out a complete renovation, a change of menu and presentation that all the CCIB workers could know. We call it Food Show, an entire day where the Food&Beverage department, our own catering & restaurant service, developed and presented all its proposals specifically for the occasion.

The intention was, explains the F&B director Maria Bertó, that all the people involved saw “the evolution with the new gastronomic proposals that we have, as well as the mise-en-scène“. In addition, the new CCIB employees had the opportunity to visit the 3,300 square meters of kitchens by the hand of the Food&Beverage department.

By teams, they showed all the kitchen spaces, processes and gastronomical proposals meticulously prepared. No menu from the previous year is repeated. Among the novelties, a new healthy corner, irresistible smoothies or yogurts. All this, with the new trends and a new update with the best that the gastronomic world offers.

As always, using local products, from local suppliers and with a gastronomic proposal inspired by modern Catalan cuisine and where, above all, the proposals are adapted to the international client so that they fit culturally with the attendees. As a result, 90% of customers have a custom proposal.

In this new catalogue there are proposals for all services, from coffee breaks and breakfasts to light lunches, buffet lunch, work lunches, gala dinners or cocktails. In addition, all services include special diets, information about allergens and if it is suitable for vegans, with alternatives on the table, even if the client does not ask for it. Just in case.

But this 2019 we will have more (and important) news in the CCIB kitchens. In the last three years, innumerable improvements have been made to obtain, in the coming months, the ISO 2200 certification of Food Safety, the international standard that ensures the safety of food throughout the entire food chain. With it, we’ll be the first convention centre with a fully certified kitchen with an ISO 2200.


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