Did you know that being sustainable is more than protecting the environment?

Although we associate sustainability with being ecological, an organization should be sustainable in two more areas: socially -with the aim of achieving an appropriate relationship and a good communication with stakeholders- and economic -to achieve a transparent management and proper distribution of the generated wealth-. For the third consecutive year, the CCIB has followed the G4 guide of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to develop its Social Responsibility Report 2015, in order to gather and enhance these related actions.

CCIB_CO2_01This project has been carried out according to a series of standardized processes and some indicators have stood out among the results. For example, the indirect economic impact grew 29% in 2015, reaching 312.81 M€. In addition, with the willingness to contribute to the richness of the local community, 97% of the suppliers were local. The report also underlines that, for the second consecutive year, the CCIB continued to create employment and maintained the percentage of own staff (88%), with a workforce that reflects an equal balance in genders.

In terms of social responsibility, the CCIB increased its activity in 2015. It strengthened its partnerships, standing up for the impulse and involvement as a founding member of the Barcelona Forum District, an association that operates under respectful parameters with the environment and the promotion of culture and education. The initiative began in 2011 with the aim of linking the activity of the businesses in the area with people in place to ensure it carries out cultural promotion and it champions the hiring of people at risk of social exclusion.

Regarding the policy of respecting the environment, the total energy consumption of the CCIB decreased by 3.23% in 2015. The data becomes more important considering the venue hosted 80,000 more delegates than in 2014, so the energy waste per delegate decreased from 21.21kWh in 2014 to 16.97 kWh in 2015, which means 20% less. The environmental improvement can be attributed to the implementation of good practices and specific objectives, also noted in the production of common waste per delegate (-13%) and the decrease in use of print toners (-25%).

Would you like to neutralize the emissions of your events?

The CCIB offers to its clients the possibility or calculating the greenhouse gases emissions and the option of buying carbon credits to enable them to offset the carbon footprint. The aim is to use the generated credits to projects certified with international standards that reduce emissions in developing countries. For example, in 2015, the CCIB dedicated the compensation of its own carbon footprint to AY-YILDIZ Wind Power Project, a project focused in the installation of five 3 MV wind turbines in a region of north eastern Turkey. The project aims to boost the national economy and provide a part of the growing demand for energy with renewable wind energy, reducing emissions in 30,997 tCO2 per year. No less.



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