A decisive congress for the future of Medicine

In the past, Medicine and Technology did not always went together. The need for trust and confidentiality between doctors and patients and the high demand to maintain the privacy of clinical data drove this divide. In the field of health, more than any other, personal information is sacred. However, in the last two decades, there have major progress in systems digitalization, so everything indicates that future will inevitably move forward on this.

ccib_wohit_16cCreated in 1961, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) anticipated the future as it opted for promoting solutions that convert and enable electronic progresses in healthcare. Today, with more than 60,000 active members, it is the main organization of its type in the international level and its guidelines set its future in the health industry.

The World of Health IT 2016 (WoHIT) congress organized by HIMSS was held the 21st and 22nd November at the CCIB. Virtual reality, telemedicine, training, gamification to encourage healthy habits, mobile medical consultation, new channels to connect data, holograms to prepare surgeries… All these concepts became the protagonists of the congress, which brought together almost 1,000 participants from 25 countries. The objective is to make the health outcomes of patients around the world safer, faster and more efficient, using the available technological tools and promoting their implementation.

A model city

ccib_wohit_16bAccording to the director of HIMSS Analytics, John Rayner, the reason for Spain to be chosen to host this congress was because “it is one of most mature European countries in healthcare digitalization”. Barcelona has a higher number of referral hospitals than usual that, in addition, is complemented with a wide network of research and academic centers in the field of health. In order that an event of these characteristics is truly effective and coherent, an environment like this is necessary.

It is indeed the northeast of Barcelona one of the areas that has the highest concentration of knowledge in Europe, both in medicine (PRBB, Hospital del Mar, Banc de Sang i Teixits, UPF Faculty of Medicine) and in IT (22 @, UPC Campus). A tailor-made stage that welcomes decision makers who keep on transforming day after day the way we understand healthcare.


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