CCIB Statement on COVID-19

Barcelona, April 23, 2020

Since the beginning of the crisis caused by COVID-19, the Barcelona International Convention Center (CCIB) has aimed to guarantee the safety and health of its employees, clients, suppliers and visitors.

In these past weeks, the CCIB has worked with its clients to find alternatives to the events that could be affected. This collaboration and mutual support have allowed the relocation of most of these events to the second half of the year, when a most favorable situation is to be expected, in order to maintain maximum activity under the best conditions. 

Currently, due to the current state declared by the Spanish government and out of responsibility for public health and with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of our workers, the CCIB has closed its facilities until May 9, a date that can be extended according to the measures that authorities might announce. However, beyond the celebration of events, the CCIB keeps its activity and works remotely in order to serve its clients, both to respond to requests and situations that might arise, and also to continue planning the events that the CCIB will host the rest of the year.

Clients and suppliers can get in touch with the CCIB by sending an E-mail to their usual contacts or through the following E-mail addresses: and They also have at their disposal the web page with a contact form to make a request, ask for information and have a look at the updated calendar of events. They can also contact us through the CCIB’s social media channels.

Regarding the situation of each specific event, both clients and organizers will communicate any questions related to the activities and the phase they are in.

The CCIB will continue to monitor the situation caused by COVID-19 and is working, and will continue to work, with the aim to maintain the maximum level of activity during the second half of the year and the coming years. The Barcelona International Convention Center would also like to thank and show its support to clients, suppliers, MICE industry and, specially, to the CCIB’s employees and family, knowing that we will come out stronger.

Last but not least, the CCIB wishes to express its support to all those affected by the pandemic, and show its recognition and appreciation for the healthcare staff, public and essential services professionals fighting this critical situation.  


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