Blue flag on Barcelona beaches

ccib_fondo_marino_02It is quite difficult for a city of the size of Barcelona to have beaches with clear water and clean sand. However, thanks to the Olympics transformation in 1992, the city looks back to the sea. Since then, significant efforts are invested in improving the quality of the waterfront for the citizens and visitors to make the most of it. More than 4.5 kilometers extend from the beach of Sant Sebastià to the Forum bathing area.

In 2016, seven beaches in Barcelona have obtained the highest distinction from the international jury of the Foundation for Environmental Education (ADEAC-FEEE), which evaluates several quality factors and awards the blue flags. In addition to environmental management (sand and water cleanness), safety, access and facilities, the absence of road traffic or the information supplied on beaches are also taken into account.

The contribution of civil society

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe collaboration of different companies in Barcelona associates with the municipal efforts to clean the coast. On a regular basis, individuals, companies and institutions of the city participate in the different actions. The most recent was organized by the Barcelona Forum District (BFD), a non-profit association focused on social responsibility, environmental commitment and the cultural development of the neighborhoods next to the Forum area.

On October 27th, the BFD and the association Yo Tuba Barcelona, coordinated a triathlon with 60 employees from five hotels in Barcelona (Barcelona Princess, Melià Sky, Melià Sarrià, Vincci Condal Mar and Vincci Marítimo) and the CCIB which consisted in collecting waste in the beach of Mar Bella. Giving the best of themselves, six teams “competed” in a relay race which aim was to collect as much waste as possible. In the end, we all actually won. The participants collected 249 kg of waste from the seabed and the breakwater and enjoyed a day combining the awareness in protecting the environment, some fun, an atmosphere of fellowship and teamwork.


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