Welcome to the most attractive region in southern Europe to invest

In 2018 and 2019 capitals have a clear goal: to consolidate their investments in Catalonia. This will is especially due to the first position in one of the most accredited rankings on the international level, the fDi Magazine, published and endorsed by the prestigious Financial Times. This is widely used by multinational companies to study future business investment projects.

To develop the list in which Catalonia appears in the lead, experts analyze five criteria in more than 450 regions and cities in Europe: economic potential, human capital or lifestyle, profitability, connectivity and business climate. Taking into account these indicators, the ranking determines that the top 5 most interesting regions in Southern Europe for attracting foreign investment in 2018 and 2019 are: Catalonia, Madrid, Lombardy, Istanbul and Lisbon, in that order.

The recognition shows that Catalonia and Barcelona have the assets, the potential and the determination to continue being a business reference. In fact, it is the second consecutive time that they receive this distinction, which is a very clear indicator of the confidence they generate abroad. Its privileged geostrategic position, a solid industrial base, an economy open to the world and the promotion of innovation are key factors to achieve the necessary dynamism.

The positive results show the increase in investment

A clear example of the unbeatable image of Catalonia and Barcelona are the results of the CCIB activity, which in 2017 exceeded its record of hosted events, reaching 122 (+ 8.9%). It is not an isolated case, since the entire sector notices the thrust of a growing economy, the driving force of a region and, by extension, of the Southern Europe.

According to the ICCA statistics, Barcelona regained the global MICE leadership in 2017, overcoming Paris and Vienna in the ranking of cities hosting congresses with international impact.  Its conversion into wealth was 1,851 million euros, 21.2% more than the previous year. And the best thing is that forecasts indicate that 2019 could be even better …


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