Barcelona bets on the promotion of knowledge

The power of attraction of Barcelona is not only due to its architecture, its weather or the friendliness of its people, as the city shares these important factors with other destinations. Barcelona is much more, as evidenced by the headlines, which confirm that it has been the favorite Spanish destination for the Asians this summer. Many people from Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan want to visit this Catalan location for different reasons.

However, people belonging to other fields, such as the technological, the scientific or the medical, come to Barcelona for a full offer. Moreover, business schools contribute to the final balance. Not in vain, 3 of the 30 best selected in Europe by the prestigious financial newspaper Financial Times have their headquarters in Barcelona; 2 of them are in the top 10. ESADE occupies the sixth place, IESE the eighth and EADA the twenty-seventh.

The international prestige of the business schools in Barcelona is due to its wide range of studies, highly qualified and the large number of degrees, from the “classic” MBAs to other up-to-date training on the business world. In addition, they offer different possibilities to adapt to the profile of the interested parties. In recent years, these institutions have received an increase on the number of demands of the different studies taught in these centers.

First level facilities

The quality and the equipment of these “business universities” is another key factor in the optimal valuation of the training offer in Barcelona. Located near the Diagonal Avenue, they do not give up to “colonize” other areas, which are expanding in an economic aspect. An example of this is the CCIB, whose spaces have hosted some events related to some of the main exponents of this pool of business management and economic science students. ESADE celebrates its annual graduation in the Forum Auditorium and, in the same place, ESIC organizes “Hoy es Marketing”, an appointment that the professionals of this discipline cannot miss.


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