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Barcelona becomes the capital of street dance

¿Are you a popping and b-boying lover? If you practice it or you are simply amazed by its movements, you will have noticed that more and more people are controlling a discipline within the reach of real athletes only, and with an additional musical talent too. The streets of the cities are land for these artists and the professional recognition towards their work is increasingly growing.

Popping, b-boying, locking, breaking… are different types of urban dances that emerged in the 70’s as an evolution of the hip-hop and funk cultures, which currently have many fans in the world. Although its cradle is located in cities like New York or Melbourne, many other cities have seen how these samples of street dance have proliferated in their streets. In Barcelona, it is usual to find street exhibitions in front of the cathedral and in busy spaces such as Portal de l’Angel. It is also possible to attend some “rehearsals” in front of the glass facades of the Caixaforum or the CCCB.

Barna Battle & Fiesta starts!

The 1st International Battle of Urban Dance will take place in Barcelona the 8th July from 12:00h in Willy Brand Square. 8 of the best dancers in the world will compete for the title, whose winner will be voted by 6 reknowned judges. A DJ who is skilled at getting the best performances and cultural expressions on stage will conduct the musical thread of the event.

The event will be possible thanks to the organization of Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona and the collaboration of different organizations in the area, such as the CCIB, the Barcelona Forum District, the Barcelona Hotels Associations, the Trinijove Foundation and, of course, the Sant Marti District.

The hip-hop competitions are frequent in different parts of the world and the championships are called “battles”. Some of these events allow all dance styles while in others are more specific. In any way, the pirouettes and the quality of their choreographies do not leave anyone indifferent.


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