Fondo marino 2019

637 Kg of waste collected from the beaches of Barcelona

The employees of the Forum area in Barcelona demonstrated, once again, their commitment to the environment and the struggle for a sea free of plastics and waste. On October 10, the fourth edition of seabed cleaning took place with 200 volunteer workers from different companies linked to the Barcelona Forum District (BFD), an entity of which we are co-founders. The BFD, together with the Yotuba Barcelona association and the Diagonal Mar shopping center, organized this day to clean the beaches of Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella.

The CCIB has once again become involved in the action for the fourth consecutive year and, in addition, has increased its participation, from 7 to 30 employees who have participated in this edition. Together with the rest of the members of the different companies and entities of the Forum area we’ve managed to collect 637 kilos of waste, 12.7% more than in the previous year. The two CCIB teams collected, together, 133 kilos, exceeding 50 last year.                                            With all the waste collected (plastics, cans, remains of nets, wet wipes, glass bottles, clothing, among many others) each of the teams created a small art work, and ours was the most valued by the jury. Whether by kayaking or paddle surfing, with swimmers, free divers or with cleaning volunteers on the beach or breakwaters, all participants renewed their commitment to the environment and the fight to maintain a sea without waste, an action included in the #PelNostreMar project and in order to raise awareness about it to the local community.


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